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Friendship Dare Quiz - FAQ
If Friendship Dare Not Working?

Here is few things you can do

  • Use update browser, Chrome browser is recommanded
  • Make sure JavaScript is enabled,
  • Make sure Cookies are enabled
Is this quiz safe?

Yes, this quiz is completely safe.

What is the Friendship Dare Quiz?

Friendship Dare Quiz is a quiz game that you can play with your friends. You can play with your friends by sharing the game link. Your friends will try to guess the right answers.

How to create a friendship dare quiz?

Creating a friendship dare is easy,

  • Just enter your name,
  • Answer the questions about yourself,
  • You will receive your unique friendship dare quiz link.

Now share this link with your friends to see how much they know you?

My old Quiz is not opening anymore?
Quizzes created older than 100 days are automatically deleted to keep the platform faster. You can always create another Dare quiz for your friends.
Someone is spamming my Quiz what I can do?
Delete your current quiz and create new one, Once you shared your quiz page in public you can not stop someone from taking your quiz.